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Help shape a decentralized vision of Web3.

Join the Beta Team
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Want to build a mini ARG with Alexa in your Airbnb? I’d be happy to offer free advice. Are you learning Unity and need a project idea that is integrated with AR platforms like Niantic Lightship or Zappar? Send me an email. Are you interested in becoming the first boots on the ground in New York, Mexico City, Istanbul or Bangkok? We should talk. Are you a blockchain dev interested in Enjin architecture and bringing NFTs into real world metaverse games? Then we should should partner up.

Your Privacy


Before you join the beta team I thought I’d let you know what we’re asking of you and what we plan to do with your information. We will never share your information with third parties. If you join simply to test the prototype and leave, that’s perfectly fine. We will send you one, and only one email if and when we run a crowdfunding campaign. This website was created with Wix from a template used to create online courses specifically so that we could build a community inside the website structure without an intrusive email campaign.

Making Money


After you become a member you will have access to a page showing our progress with a minimal viable product, The Forking Paths Tarot Deck. This is the primary product and means of income for a business with a hierarchical structure. As games scale and move offline there will be a transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) monetized by the sale and resale of NFTs and dNFTs. 

My Thoughts on Ideas, NDAs and Web3


We won’t build an open, real world metaverse if we’re not willing to share ideas. Execution is everything and when it comes to the critical mass needed to run an ARG in the real world metaverse, group execution is everything. The team who shares their ideas the most freely and works the fastest will be the team that creates something worth fighting for: interoperable NFTs with real world utility and an open, fair, real world metaverse. 

How it Works


Sign up like you would any other website. After you’ve registered you’ll receive a welcome email with a direct link to the prototype. When you sign into this website, hidden pages will become available including a general discussion forum. The Game Frameworks page will also appear, which shows the level of immersion testers have reached in the story universe to avoid spoilers. Some material and discussion threads are password protected. The passwords are obtained through gameplay. 


The prototype is an online version that will be played in the real world when live. As a stand-in for the physical cards, virtual cards will appear in a Twine game, a platform for creating interactive fiction. The augmented reality (AR) is triggered by the Zappar. To participate, you’ll need two devices, a phone to run the AR app and a PC or laptop to display the cards.

Thank You


As a member of the beta team you’ll be helping me debug the prototype and discuss the marathon ahead. It’s early days and there are no perks or rewards except the gratification that our creativity can be leveraged to build a metaverse we want to hang out in.

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