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A white sphere on a green spiral staircase

A Web3
Reality Game (ARG)

We're bringing AR, dynamic interoperable NFTs in games and AI together to create an Alternate Reality Game for the Real World Metaverse.

The metaverse is more than a set of technologies; it’s a vision of the future. VR and centralized blockchain is one vision. AR, Interoperable dynamic NFTs, and open source AI is ours.

The VR Metaverse is Dead. Long live the AR Metaverse.

Companies like Niantic and Zappar roll their eyes at demos of people on sofas controlling legless avatars. Here's a thought: why don't we just make the real world better.

Voice is the new Thumbs

How we used Voiceflow to create an artificial intelligent game master to run our game.

NFTs are a solution in search of a problem. Until now.

 Enjin and Chainlink have tools for interoperable, dynamic NFTs - More fun than a barrel of bored apes.

New technologies converge in a scalable, play on demand ARG

The Forking Paths Tarot Deck is a portal to a new kind of alternate reality game.

Watch an AI chatbot run an Alternate Reality Game in a Mexico City Airbnb.

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